Order Types

Ustocktrade currently only offers cash accounts and the following order types are available to users.

Order Types

Market Order:  A market order is a type of order that is priced at the current bid (sell order) or offer (buy orders) for that particular stock, within 10% of the current price.

Limit Order: A limit is a type of order that enables you to pick a specific price you wish to buy or sell a stock at.  

Price Alerts:  Automatic alerts when a price has reached your specified Buy or Sell price.

Strategies: You can place three types of strategies:

Buy Stratergy– to buy more stock at a specific limit price;  Good for 30 days or until canceled

Sell Strategy- to sell stock you own at a higher limit price; Good for 30 days or until canceled

Get Out – automatically creates an order to sell at a lower price (if the stock goes down) to limit your loss.; Good for 30 days or until canceled

Get Out Strategy vs Alert Strategy

  • With a Sell Alert Strategy, you enter an Alert price below the market where you want to get out if the stock drops.  The Sell Alert triggers* if the stock trades at that price or lower, and you get notified so that you can enter your sell order.
  • With a Get Out strategy, if you own some quantity of shares, you would enter a Get Out price (below the current market) where the Get Out strategy will trigger, which creates a market order to sell your entire position when the stock drops.  The Get Out Strategy triggers* if the stock trades at that price or lower, at which point you will be notified, any open sell orders will be canceled, and a market order will automatically be entered on your behalf to sell all the shares you own at that time.
  • With a Get Out Strategy, you can simultaneously place orders to sell all or part of your shares (at the market or at a higher limit) while your Get Out Strategy is open. If your Get Out Strategy is triggered*, any open sell orders will be canceled and a market order will be entered to sell your remaining position at that time.
  • If, while you have a Get Out Strategy open, you sell your entire position using a separate market or limit order, your Get Out Strategy will be canceled at the time your position is liquidated. If you re-enter the stock, you would have to re-enter a Get Out Strategy if you wanted to use this feature.
  • A Get Out Strategy is similar to a stop-loss order.  It allows you to automatically sell shares to limit your losses if the price of the stock drops.   Note that that for both a stop-loss order and a Get Out Strategy, a market order will be placed once the Get Out or stop price triggers*, and the execution price is not guaranteed to be the same as the Get Out price or stop price.

*Get Out Strategies and Alert Strategies are triggered by regular way trades only. 

$10,000 per Trade Order Limit

As the first retail stock trading network, Ustocktrade operates as an ATS that allows users to directly trade with each other. A 10,000 share and $10,000 order value limit on each buy or sell order ensures that users in the network are the types of “retail investor” Ustocktrade is aimed at.

This limit is per order only, not for your total buy or sell order value per day.

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