Market Data

Market data is the proprietary right of the national exchanges, and Ustocktrade is required to obtain this agreement from its users on behalf of the exchanges as we are providing this level of market data to you.

If you are unable to complete the Agreement, you will not be able to receive market data and maintain an account with Ustocktrade. If you are unable to complete the Agreement, please contact


Non-professional Vs Professional Trader

A “Nonprofessional” subscriber primarily means that you are receiving market data for your personal, non-business use and are not qualified as a “Securities Professional”, among other criteria. You will be able to receive this consolidated market data for no additional charge.

A day trader can qualify as a Nonprofessional if he/she is managing his/her own money AND:

  • Does not assist any other person with investment decisions, nor he/she share profits; and is not a “Securities Professional”
  • Is NOT receiving office space and equipment in exchange for his/her work as a financial consultant to a firm
  • Has NOT entered into a profit sharing agreement with an organization

If you do not meet these criteria of a “Nonprofessional” subscriber, you will qualify as a “Professional Subscriber” and be covered by a separate agreement and charged an additional market data monthly fee. This fee is directly passed onto our users from the national exchanges.


Large Traders

If a large trader otherwise meets the definition of “Nonprofessional Subscriber”, the large trader does not lose his or her “Nonprofessional Subscriber” status merely because he or she falls within SEC Rule 13h-1(a)’s definition of “large trader”.


Retired or inactive professional trader

if you are a retired or inactive professional no longer providing services in a Professional capacity you qualify as Nonprofessional if listed as Not-Registered with FINRA. To continue to receive the Nonprofessional rates, you must re-verify your Nonprofessional status semi-annually.


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